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Site License Subscriptions

As mentioned on the previous page, Economagic offers educational site license access to Excel files and Copy and Paste format to institutions. The site license grants access by users from any of the institution's computers, including proxy server access as long as this is restricted to institutional users. The price of this level 1 subscription is US$500 per year. For parts of a year, there is a setup charge of US$150, and a monthly charge of US$30.

For those educational institutions wanting a level 2 site license, the annual cost is $2,000.

To obtain a site license, please follow your institution's ordering procedures, and send appropriate information to:

Economagic, LLC
Subscription Services
PO Box 130837
Birmingham, AL 35213

Also, please notify us email at of your action

If you have any questions about any part of the subscription service, please email us at

Want state personal income and/or population data?

Sites of Interest: Conerly Consulting: Economics for Business Decisions *

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