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Lee Adler's The Wall Street Examiner

Lee on Economagic: ["Economagic has] built an extraordinary resource there. Haver Analytics charges a fortune for access to their database. They donít even publish their prices, so you know itís expensive. I have no clue whatís in it, but it canít be more comprehensive than what you have there. Iíve been able to show some really useful correlations with your charts.


Robert Dieli's No Spin Forecast

NoSpinFORECAST is a management resource designed to help you make better business and investment decisions. Our proprietary economic model, Mr. Model, provides a forecast a year ahead, based on facts, not conjecture.

NoSpinFORECAST provides comprehensive charts of statistical data and in-depth analysis of current U.S. economic statistics in easily understandable monthly reports that allow readers to make better business and financial decisions. Based on facts, not conjecture – thus “no spin” – these reports are based on hard numbers, statistical information provided by the U.S. Government and other reliable resources.


Colin Twiggs' Trading Diary


Paul Gabrail's The Capitalist Manifesto


Conerly Consulting | Bill's Businomics Blog | Businomics: The Book


Concredex: Consumer Credit Exchange


Mr. Model: A management resource designed to help you make better business and investment decisions


John Galt: Forecasting, Demand Planning & Collaborative Solutions

John Galt Solutions is a recognized leader in the forecast and collaborative planning market, providing accurate business forecasting, automated demand planning and real-time web collaboration.








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