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Economagic Delivers Excel Files in Several Ways

Excel Files For Level II (Forecast) Subscribers

While not the main focus of the Level II, or Forecast, Subscription, subscribers to this level can get access to large pre-made excel files. These files are updated whenever the corresponding data on the Economagic database is updated.

Here is a list of files that we currently maintain. Please click on the links below to see the contents of these files. If there are other similar files you would like to have access to, please contact us.

Further Level II subscribers can create their own Series Sets in their Personal Workspace, or access the pre-made series sets. These series sets can be used to download various multiple series excel files, or get those series in a Copy & Paste format. Click here to see video clips of Series Sets in action.

Click here for more information.

Level I and Level II: Excel, and Copy and Paste Subscription Information

A subscription to this service allows a user to download series in Excel files, and Copy and Paste format. This service allows for one or more series to be downloaded to one excel file or to a Copy and Paste formatted webpage.

By changing the defaults, a subscriber can change the excel file format. (more)

Many popular series can obtained in a self-updating excel file. When you get such a file, you can copy cell entries from it to your own worksheets, to create your own database in an excel file and never again have to worry about updating it yourself. Whenever you access your worksheet, new and revised data will appear. (more)

To get more than one series into an Excel file, a user will have to activate the Advanced Options. Non-subscribers can try this out.

Click here for more information.

Custom Excel or Other Files (HTML, Charts, Text, Word)

Economagic is able to create and/or maintain files in a variety of popular formats. If you have a recurring need for a large set of data, or if you have any file, be it in HTML, Word, Excel, GIF, PDF or other file format, and the file contains data in the Economagic database, Economagic can help you with the file maintenance.
Please contact us with your project details.

If you have any questions about any part of the subscription service, please email us at

Make charts for Okun's Law and Phillip's Curve

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