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What are the Advanced Features?

The activation of the Advanced Features option are a virtual Economics Calculator. It will allow the user to save series and transform in a personal workspace. This will allow the online calculation of millions of different series. Series in a user's personal workspace can be used in Economagic's online regression program, and charting programs for single or multiple series charts.

Once series have been placed in the personal workspace, these series can be transformed. The user can choose to:

For example, one can calculate real GDP per capita by saving (quarterly) real GDP, and (monthly) population to his/her personal workspace. As the two series are of different frequency, the user must change the monthly population to quarterly, using the change of frequency options available when one views the workspace.

To try the Advanced Features, hit the Advanced Features menu item.

Future Advanced Features will include:

Tutorial for Advanced Features

Want to know how State economies fared during the Clinton Administration? Use the Reporter.

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