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      Economagic Services

Online Forecasting

Many entities require forecasts of regional or industry data. Economagic has much of that data, and it has an online forecasting mechanism available to subscribers. The mechanism uses the logic that most, if not all, economic data series basically follow national trends. Thus this service allows subscribers to create forecasts of their own series, based on their choice of forecasted macroeconomic series such as US unemployment, real GDP, and industrial production. (more)

Access to Data in Excel Spreadsheet and Copy/Paste Formats

The Economagic database has over 100,000 series in it. Each series can be transformed in various ways, and saved to a Personal Workspace. Every series in the database and those transformed by the user can be dumped to an Excel spreadsheet. This can be done for one series, or for as many series as the user wants. If a user users another program that data must be transferred to, the user will find it convenient to use the Copy and Paste or CSV formats. These services can be accessed by those users who purchase a Level I subscription. (more)

Maintenance of Personalized Excel Spreadsheets

Many of our users are thrilled about the Excel spreadsheets available for all series in the Economagic database. Some users require periodic use of several dozen or hundreds of series. They find the individual Excel spreadsheets to be tedious. Economagic will create and maintain such spreadsheets. Please contact us about pricing for your particular spreadsheet needs.

Maintenance of Personalized Webpages and Reports

Some users would like to have a particular set of data maintained and reported on either a webpage or Word document. For an example of a webpage that is maintained by Economagic, please see

Please contact us about pricing for your particular reporting needs.

About Economagic

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