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December 2001

There's now a brand new way to get Economagic data to your Excel spreadsheets -- an Excel macro which places a new menu item, Economagic, in Excel. Many users have recurring needs which involve the updating of personalized databases. The Economagic macro helps with the creation and updating of your economic series.

February 2001

We have added some additional features to the defaults. We have added two additional date formats when data is dumped to an excel file or to Copy/Paste format. To change these defaults click on Change Defaults. Click here for more information.

November 1999

Several users have asked to be able to dump more than one series in an excel file. So we added that, and did the same for our Copy & Paste format. To to advantage of these new facilities, first you need to initate the Advanced Features. Click here for more information.

September 1999

The first part of a simplified data transformation was added. Now users do not have to use the Advanced Features to transform series from monthly/quarterly to quarterly/annual. This feature is available on each data page.

It is planned to add other transformations by the same facility. At this point plans call for including the division by the CPI (to make series real), the division by the US population (to make the series per capita), and to include percentage changes.

In September, along with the Transform this series facility, we added Display series in COPY/PASTE format. This allows uses to copy from an Economagic data page and then directly paste to a spreadsheet. The usual data display does not lend itself to this type of copy and paste procedure.

August 1999

XY plotting was added. Users of Advanced Features can now make XY plots of any series in the Economagic database and any transformation created from that database. Along with the XY plot, the regression result is outputted and the regression line in plotted on the XY chart.

Users can now make their own chart of Okun's Law, Phillip's Curve, and billions of other XY plots.

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